Summary > FUD - Furs Underground Dance 3:

With the hope this event will continue
and grow, we introduce you the Furs Underground Dance, third edition!

What is it?

It's a two days furmeet including\r\ndance, various activities, fursuiting and meal, in a venue booked\r\nespecially for the event.


At the same address as last year :\r\nPlace Robert Josse - 60940 Monceaux, France.

For those who come by car : you can\r\nfind a car park near the\r\nvenue.
PictureFor those who come by train : From the\r\n« Paris Nord » station, take the shuttle to Compiègne and stop at\r\nthe station « Rieux-Angicourt ». Once arrived at the station, the\r\nroute to our venue is the following :\r\n- Link -


On May 28th-29th 2016. You are welcome on\r\nthe venue\'s address from 6PM, or earlier if you wish to help us
install the materials.

What schedule?

  • Pre-dinner
  • Fursuit parade in the village

  • Group picture

  • Various activities

  • Cold buffet

  • Dance (with or without fursuit)

  • And possibly a « firefly battle »

Where to sleep?

  • On the spot, in the venue's room.

  • An Ibis Hotel is reachable within\r\n twenty minutes by foot from the Rieux-Angicourt train station.

  • If you wish to sleep in the hotel,\r\n please take care of booking your room by your own means.\r\n- Link -


What to bring with me?\r\n\r\n
  • Your own fursuit, please.

  • The necessary (air mattress and\r\n pillow) if you are sleeping in the venue\'s room.

How to register / Pricing?

  • € 20

  • Send mail at and mention your irl name, nickname, and
    specify if you are fursuiter or not.

  • A mail will be sent to you to
    notify your registration and registration number. You will be given
    the PayPal address for the payment.

  • You must send your payment through
    PayPal with your first and last name. Please use the option « send
    money to friends and family » and make sure the handling fee is
    assumed by you.

  • Once payment is fulfilled, you
    will be given a mail confirming your registration is in order. For
    more info, you can reach Buster, Serveur, Snokami or Tiwolf through
    the mail address mentioned above.

Registering conditions :

  • Payment must be fulfilled in the
    same time as the registering. However, you have a three weeks
    deadline starting from your registration date to pay your

  • If you withdraw, you will be fully
    refund (PayPal fees excepted) if your withdrawing is done before May
    15th. Beyond this date, you will not be refund.

  • Registrations are closed on May
    27th, 8PM CET.

We hope to see you again for this third
edition of the FUD. May this dance continue on and on thanks to you!

See you soon!

VIDEO : - Link -
: - Link -

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